Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yay for having our stuff!

Hello again :) So, we've been kind of crazy moving the rest of our stuff into our apartment this week. I'm soooo glad we have everything, thanks to our amazing families helping make it possible to have it all moved from Indiana to New Jersey. It was definitely not simple. Our apartment has been pretty darn full of just cardboard boxes from all of the new stuff (yay)  we got from our wedding and such, as well as some other stuff we bought recently. Finally, we got most of that out, making it a lot more homey here. I'll post lots of pictures when we're more finished decorating this place.

My big 1940's/1950's desk sadly didn't fit through our doorway to our bedroom, so for now, it's in our kitchen as an island/kitchen table, which is definitely interesting. At least it would be a conversation starter for when we have people over haha. I'm loving how the kitchen is starting to look, considering it was the central location for all of the cardboard a few days ago.

The living room is in the middle of being decorated too right now, obviously. I'm going to put some pictures up. as well as one of my paintings. We picked up a nice, tan microfiber couch that a lady and her husband didn't need anymore, since they were getting new furniture. We got is for the very nice price of... Free. Can't argue with that. It's about 5 years old, and just needs a little TLC. I think I can manage that. It was definitely a pain to take up the stairs to our apartment, especially since it was just my hubby and me doing that. We Finally got it up and situated after a while of trying different strategies to make it happen.

I'm super happy that all of my art supplies are over here now, so I can finish working on the TV stand in the living room, as well as paint a couple more canvases for our place. That should definitely be interesting. If anyone could give me some ideas as to what I should paint for another living room picture, let me know. It would need to at least kind of go with the most recent painting I did, which is basically done (pictured below), so probably warmer colors. I'm thinking of like flowers such as Poppies, but not sure yet. It will be figured out eventually :)



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