Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finished a Project!

Hey again. So, we've been getting settled in our cozy apartment the past week or so, so it's been crazy. You guys have already seen the kitchen , but I'll show more later on of the dining area and such. Pictures of our room will be up later on since we still have a lot to organize in there haha. I did get the bathroom partially decorated, so it looks pretty cute. 

Our Cute Little mirror and sink
Our Adorable Monogram Towels From
Missy and the gorgeous shower curtain from my mother-in-law.
They're awesome. :)
More Wedding gifts. From Kohl's, I believe.

Still trying to figure out what to put in the
 blank area, but I'll get it figured out. :)
Oh, and I also finally snapped a picture of the new sofa that we got, as well as our adorable itty bitty ottoman that I picked up for one dollar at a garage sale back in Indiana.

Also, Remember this guy?? Well I gave it a little TLC and made it a little more personal for us. Not a huge change, but enough that it works out a bit better.

I sanded down part of it to get rid of all of the chipping parts, and the bit of paint that had bubbled from when the prior owners used it. Then I repainted over the whole thing with a satin finish black paint so that it had a nice, even look. It took me a bit to decide how to paint the doors, but I finally figured it out. 

Also, the poor little handles had seen better days as well. I opted for just a little knob instead of the full handle so that the designs weren't covered up as much. Sorry I didn't get a close up of them. There were way cute little textures on each knob.


I'm rather pleased with the results. It turned out pretty well, though it wasn't a huge transition. It's a much better fit for our style. :)

Thanks for bearing with me and with all of the pictures that I put up this time.
♥ Sara

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