Monday, August 6, 2012


So hey, I just wanted to say that I tried this recipe earlier today, and it's super simple, and super delicious!

I got it off of Pinterest (surprise, surprise.. I loooove that site!)
Surely everybody loves chocolate chip cookies, and this is a nice twist on that. It's a homemade dough recipe that's nice because it's egg free and obviously super yummy! I'm honestly surprised that I even made it to rolling the dough, instead of just eating the dough straight out of the mixing bowl. I also used peanut butter chips in mine, just for a little extra kick. It turned out pretty darn delicious.

Here's the link back to the original site.
 cookie dough bites

I'm also thinking about making my own potato wedges with some rosemary and salt. I'm going to bake them instead of deep frying them. so that they're just a tiny bit healthier. :)

I'm also making progress on our TV stand. I'm pretty pleased with the design so far.
Still debating on what type of handles to put on it instead of the basic, square ones that were on it beforehand. I'll put pics up in my next blog, hopefully :D


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