Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday we had a wonderful day with some of our friends. We went to a pumpkin farm and picked pumpkins out, went on a little wagon ride, and went through a corn maze. We got some groceries, then came home and grilled some steaks and made a ton of food! It was a really good day with everybody. We also decorated and carved our pumpkins last night. :) I love getting to spend time with everybody, since I do all sorts of class stuff during the week obviously.

It's so much fun to get in the Fall and Halloween spirit. :D

I think that everyone should carve pumpkins. It's such a fantastic tradition to have :)
What are some of the pumpkin ideas you have for this Halloween? Let me know! 

Love your face and such,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Wreath

Oh, I love fall so much. It's basically my favorite of all the seasons. The thought of hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, colorful leaves, pumpkins everywhere, and the wonderful weather just makes me smile. I can sit out on our balcony reading a book or magazine and not be too hot or cold. I also love autumn crafts. It's so much fun getting to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving, even if you see Christmas decorations at the store the entire time, which can be a pain. I recently made a cute, little wreath for our apartment door that I can use for the next month or two. :)

I used a really cheap wreath from the Target dollar section (love that place), a tiny piece of pre-cut fabric, two types of ribbon, and a cheap bouquet of flowers. Since I already had the hot glue gun obviously, this was around a $10 craft. Not too shabby :)

I glued one end of the cream ribbon to the wreath, then wrapped it around. I did the same thing to the orange afterward. Glued the flowers on and cut the bunting triangles (gluing them to a thin ribbon that I attached to the wreath. Put it on the hanger, and it's ready to go. It was such an easy craft! Turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

I'll be putting other autumn stuff on here throughout the month too!

Love your face and such,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey there. Sorry for the delay, just busy as ever. It's been just non-stop in this home. Derek's at more training right now for the Air Force, so just cleaning and such for me today. Haven't gotten a chance to do anything terribly crafty since I've been doing so much work for all of my online classes.... and I suppose Borderlands 2 for XBox 360 hasn't helped anything either haha. I've been messing around on Photoshop a lot recently to see if I can figure out any pictures to create and print for our room, as well as working on getting stuff started for my Advertising portfolio. Here's one design I did. It turned out pretty well for the most part. Maybe needs tweaked some more. I love vintage designs and of course, Rosie the Riveter as well.

I'm going to try to make a lot more designs too. We also planned to start some stuff for our headboard, but ran into some issues on the bed frame first, so we're getting that taken care of soon. Fingers crossed that we get that situated super quickly.  Hopefully I'll get to post stuff up here more often than every 2+ weeks. Goodness.

Love your face and such,