Friday, August 17, 2012

The Beach!...and a Simple summer snack!

Hey there everybody! Today was such a gorgeous day here in New Jersey that we decided to go to the beach! :) It turned out to be such a fun adventure. Especially since we live just an hour away from the shoreline over here. How convenient! It seriously was like the perfect day for the beach, mid-80 degrees and sunshine all over the place. It's been so long since I've been to the ocean, so it was wonderful. It was also fantastic for Derek since it was his First time ever being to the ocean! I'm so excited that I got to share his first trip there with him. We got there a little earlier in the day to lay out and play in the waves, so it wasn't even that busy. We got a huge spot all to ourselves to stretch out and chill. Today was seriously what we've needed, considering the stressful weeks of moving and his work. Just a little mini-vacay for the two of us!
Well, how adorable :)

so peaceful

I also did a super duper easy (I mean seriously simple) tasty snack recipe thing yesterday. I just took a couple cups of Yoplait yogurt and made frozen yogurt dots for simple snackin'. I found the original directions on Pinterest. Here's the original link for her wonderful blog. 

You need:
plastic Ziploc or resealable bag
Yogurt- pick your favorite flavor :)
cookie sheet
and a freezer of course.

You just take a plastic Ziploc bag and open it up over a cup or mug. I chose my festive Christmas poinsettia mug for this. Fancy, huh? You only put one corner down into it and open up the bag over it. Make sure one bottom corner is sticking up out of the mug. Then you put all of the lovely yogurt in the cup, trying to keep it as neat as possible. Once you're done with that (I used two yogurt cups), you just close the bag and make sure you cut a tiny bit of that unused corner so that you can squeeze the yogurt onto a cookie sheet into dots. You're basically just making a little makeshift squeeze tube for the yogurt.

Then make sure to squeeze the yogurt into small dots (most of the dots I made were around one inch in diameter each) and Voila! Just toss them in the freezer for a few hours and you have frozen Yogurt dots. They're super tasty and have close to an ice cream texture when you eat them.


Oh, also to keep from them being frozen too badly, I would use like a newer cookie sheet and/or wax/parchment paper for these :) But the most important thing of all...Enjoy!!

      Love Your Face and such, Sara ♥

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