Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick Craft!

So hey, I know that I blog really frequently, but I just get excited to show what all is happening over here :) After our lovely day at the beach yesterday, we just relaxed the whole evening. Today however was the last bit of organizing whatever is left in boxes and putting the rest away. After our big cleaning frenzy at our apartment, I just kind of looked around at everything. This apartment has sooooo much space and potential for DIY! Sadly, we can't paint the walls, but that won't stop us from being creative.  I also had a few minutes after dinner to just do a quick makeover for a lampshade that was just so dull. It was for a cute little lamp that I got at a garage sale before moving, but it needed a little love. I just used a sharpie for it (couldn't find my fabric marker) and drew some quick designs such as Y for Young (our last name obviously) and a fleur de lis. Note that you should probably use a stencil of some sort if you're unsure. I just kind of live on the edge and go for it when making stuff.... not always the best approach, but it usually works for me :)

I should have centered the designs better, but one side of the lampshade was a little flat, so I drew on it versus the lamp looking a little funky shaped on the sides.

Boom. instantly more exciting. It's super simple, but made that bit of difference that we had hoped for.

Love your face and such,

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