Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ideas?? :)

So we've been living in our apartment for over a month and a half. That seems crazy to think about, but we love it! We've been getting things situated, but our poor bedroom was basically storage on one side for quite a while, and is now super boring and empty. Once we get that desk in there, it may be better. Our poor bed side also needs some help. It is just a little metal bed frame that we have some temporary boards under. Hopefully we get all this fixed up soon! I've been trying to get some ideas for a headboard that I could make for it as well, so it's not so sad looking. Here are a couple ideas, but I'm not sure yet!

We've been looking at a lot of different ideas, but just aren't set on one yet. I love all of these, especially the light up one (but I'm a cheapskate and can't imagine paying electricity for that all of the time haha.) I'm sure we will get it figured out soon :) If you have any ideas or have seen some headboards that you like (as well as some other bedroom decor) Please let me know on here! I'd love to hear from you for it. Thank you already!

Love your face and such,

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