Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey there. Sorry for the delay, just busy as ever. It's been just non-stop in this home. Derek's at more training right now for the Air Force, so just cleaning and such for me today. Haven't gotten a chance to do anything terribly crafty since I've been doing so much work for all of my online classes.... and I suppose Borderlands 2 for XBox 360 hasn't helped anything either haha. I've been messing around on Photoshop a lot recently to see if I can figure out any pictures to create and print for our room, as well as working on getting stuff started for my Advertising portfolio. Here's one design I did. It turned out pretty well for the most part. Maybe needs tweaked some more. I love vintage designs and of course, Rosie the Riveter as well.

I'm going to try to make a lot more designs too. We also planned to start some stuff for our headboard, but ran into some issues on the bed frame first, so we're getting that taken care of soon. Fingers crossed that we get that situated super quickly.  Hopefully I'll get to post stuff up here more often than every 2+ weeks. Goodness.

Love your face and such,

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